Bo Derek Nude Scenes From “Ghosts Can’t Do It” Remastered In 4K

Bo Derek nude

The video below features actress Bo Derek’s classic full frontal nude scenes from the 1989 film “Ghosts Can’t Do It” remastered in ultra high definition.

Believe it or not this film is extreme blasphemous for reasons outside of Bo Derek constantly parading out her bare body…

As if Bo’s bulbous boobies aren’t bad enough the premise that “ghosts can’t do it” goes directly against the teachings in the holy Qur’an… For Islamic ghosts, specters, and spirits absolutely can bang women, and do so regularly. In fact, it is said that the blessed Prophet (PBUH) still to this day plows the sex holes of women all over the world… And in some lucky cases he even covers their face with his divine ectoplasm.

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