Christina Lindberg Nude Scenes From “Rotmanad” Remastered And Enhanced

Christina Lindberg nude

The video below features Swedish actress Christina Lindberg’s (at 19-years-old) full frontal nude scenes from the 1970 film “Rotmanad” (English title “What Are You Doing After the Orgy?”) remastered and enhanced.

Christina Lindberg certainly had a halal body back in her heyday… From her perky tits and taut round ass to the impressively hairy pubic burka covering her tight Scandinavian snatch.

Unfortunately for Christina, back then Sweden did not have the open door immigration policy that it does today, so there were no virile Muslims around to bounce their enormous man meatballs off of her Swedish chin… But perhaps (Allah willing) Christina’s granddaughter will get to know such an immense pleasure.


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