Gisele Bundchen Caught Nude With Her New Boyfriend

Gisele nude

Supermodel and the NFL’s biggest new free agent, Gisele Bündchen appears to have been caught naked in a swimming pool with her new boyfriend in the photo above.

Of course I can neither confirm nor deny that it is me Durka Durka Mohammed in this nude photo with Gisele (as well as the ones below), or that Gisele and I began a torrent love affair years ago in the late 1990’s after I saw her showing off her exquisite teen titties while walking topless in fashion shows (as you can see in the video above).

Gisele naked

However, what I can say is that Gisele’s once famous tight end has been converted into a wide receiver… Whether that be from my massive Muslim manhood is up to you to determine.
Gisele nude

Regardless, this unbelievably handsome new man in Gisele’s life will certainly not be the last, as he may have already grown tired of taking her deep in the end zone.
Gisele Bundchen nude

So Gisele will soon no doubt be back on the prowl for her next man, and there will certainly be no shortage of suitors amongst NFL players that would love to cuck Tom Brady by deflating their balls into his ex in an epic revenge bang.


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