Jennifer Lopez Ass Flaunting Scenes From “Shotgun Wedding” In 4K

Jennifer Lopez ass

The video below features actress Jennifer Lopez flaunting her ass in panties scenes from her new film “Shotgun Wedding” enhanced in ultra high definition.

If anyone believes that at 53-years-old this what Jennifer Lopez’s bulbous booty actually still looks like, then I have some oceanfront property in Riyadh I’d like to sell them…

Jennifer Lopez ass

And while its true that Ben Affleck’s pathetically tiny manhood could not do much damage, the decades of noxious taco farts shooting out through J-Lo’s butt flaps alone have certainly left their mark by now.
Jennifer Lopez ass

Yes, Jennifer is clearly trying to use the recent progression of blasphemous digital editing technology to continue her career behind Snapchat filters, and pretend that she is still a sex symbol and not a decrepit old hag.


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