Jennifer Lopez Nude Outtakes And Booty Rubbing

Jennifer Lopez nude

Jennifer Lopez appears to show off her nude body in the outtakes above and below from a recent photo shoot promoting her new body cream.

Jennifer Lopez nude

There is no denying that Jennifer has held up remarkably well through the years, for not only is she 53-years-old but she is a Puerto Rican woman and they are known to age at 3 times the rate of normal human beings.

Of course the secret to J-Lo’s longevity lies in the fancy creams that she rubs into her bulbous backside… For they no doubt get their amazing revitalizing properties from being composed of virile Muslim ball batter…

Where Jennifer was able to procure large quantities of our holy manly essence remains a mystery, but one suspects that her emasculated husband Ben Affleck may have taken to felching it out of the anuses of our beloved goats for her.


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