Katy Perry’s Boobs Make Their Triumphant Return

Katy Perry boobs

Katy Perry’s boobs make their triumphant return to the spotlight while out on the red carpet of the CMA Awards in the photos below.

While not quite up to their former glory (as you can see in the topless nude photos below), Katy Perry’s breast bags are certainly holding up well considering her advanced age and the fact that she has a kid suckling on them now.

Katy Perry nude

No doubt Katy has adopted the tried and true Islamic beauty regimen of soaking her tit sacks in camel’s milk every night…

Although if Katy was doing it completely right, she should have started developing a nice pelt of pubic hair across her chesticles by now…
Katy Perry boobs

But knowing what a vapid twit Katy is, she no doubt shaves off her erotic body hair. Truly the whores in the backwards and barbaric Western world have no sense of aesthetics.

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