Kiernan Shipka Loves Showing Off How Tight She Is

Kiernan Shipka bikini

As you can see from the bikini selfies above, actress Kiernan Shipka loves to show off how tight she is… And while her thigh gap is impressive for an infidel, it is not nearly enough to sustain a slamming from the tremendous girth of a Muslim’s massive manhood.

Of course there is no denying that Kiernan’s perky tits and taut round little ass are certainly asking to be banged hard by us virile Muslim men… With both our tunic scuds and the Sharia stones of justice (just necessarily in that order).
Kiernan Shipka selfies

Yes, with her halal nubile appearance Kiernan Shipka certainly has a date with destiny and that destiny involves a holy Islamic deep dicking. Let us pray that she gets what is coming to her soon, so that these sinful salacious selfies will finally cease.


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