Megan Fox Takes Her Halloween Hoeing To The Next Level

Megan Fox Halloween

Actress Megan Fox takes her Halloween hoeing to the next level by cosplaying as a leather clad submissive slut taking holy communion in the photos and video below.

Megan Fox may think she is being “edgy” and “badass” by mocking the pathetically weak Christian faith like this, but we all know that she doesn’t have the guts to disparage the most dangerous to defile religion on the planet… Judaism.

Yes, if Megan was really as “hardcore” as she pretends to be she would have dressed up as a slutty Holocaust denier, or a whorish Kanye calling out the Jews. By simply satirizing Christians, Megan is not doing anything that hasn’t been done a million times before in the mainstream media.

At least with her Pam Anderson costume from the day prior, Megan somewhat pushed the envelope when her loser white rapper boyfriend snorted coke off of her silicone titties…

Of course its anyone’s guess as to which one of these Halloween costumes Megan Fox wore while taking her 3 small children trick-or-treating with her ex-husband… But my money is on her going as an “absentee parent” by not showing up at all.


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