Patricia Chraskova Full Frontal Nude Scene From “À l’est de moi”

Patricia Chraskova nude

The video below features Russian actress Patricia Chraskova’s full frontal nude scene from the French film “À l’est de moi” enhanced in high definition.

With the collapse of Russia imminent, Slavic sluts like Patricia Chraskova have been hitting the sex slave market in Riyadh at a dinar a dozen… And while their Commie coochies usually stink like stale cabbage and cigarettes, the bargain basement prices can not be ignored.

Yes, now is certainly an opportune time to restock our harems with some Soviet snatch… And with the global economy heading towards a severe recession, pinko pussy is one of the few appealing investment options out there… However with that said, I am not a licensed financial advisor, so be sure to speak to one before putting money in these whores.

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